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Former Possessions of Doug Mallernee 


Saturday, March 2, 2024, 9:30 a.m.

Preview at 7 a.m. day of the auction. 


The auction held at Uhrichsville Christian Fellowship Church

132 Kutcham Drive, Uhrichsville, Ohio 44683 


Offering an outstanding selection of guns, ammo, gun accessories, and knives. This will be a very nice auction with some hard-to-find guns and ammo, along with 2 gun safes and other related hunting and shooting items. Mark your calendars now! 


GUNS: Winchester, Marlin, Remington, Henry, Mossberg, Ruger, Thompson Center, C Sharps, CVA, High Standard, and MORE!

GUN LIST: 1.Winchester Mod. 67 22 S,L,LR SN:Unknown, 2.Marlin Mod. 75 22 LR SN:72290005 w/ Glenfield 4x15 Scope, 3.Winchester Mod. 62A 22 S,L,LR SN:289907, 4.Winchester Mod. 50 12ga SN:179660A, 5.Winchester 22 S,L,LR SN:159416 w/ Tasco Scope, 6.Marlin Original Golden 39A 22 S,L,LR SN:91301226, 7.Winchester Mod. 94AE 44 REM MAG SN:6222432, 8.Homemade Muzzleloader Thought To Be 45 cal, 9.Homemade Flintlock Muzzleloader Thought To Be 40 cal, 10.Remington Rolling Block Thought To Be 40/65 cal w/ Tang Site, 11.Chiappa Mod. 1886 45/70 cal SN:19F01771, 12.Baker Gun Co. Batavia Leader 12ga SxS SN:2690F, 13.Remington Rolling Block Thought To Be 45/70 cal SN:12357 w/Lyman Flip Sight, 14.Taurus Thunderbolt M-45 45 cal SN:AU9963 w/ Box, 15.Belgium Made Browning A-5 20ga Semi Auto SN:8Z3212, 16.Smith & Wesson Mod. 28-2 Highway Patrolman 357 SN:S227942, 17.Stoeger-Accokeek, MD-A Liberti-Italy 45 cal SN:8157,  18.Davis Mod. D-32 Derringer 32 Auto SN: 445490, 19.Sig Sauer Mosquito 22 LR SN:F026448 w/ Case & Two Mags, 20.Sturm Ruger Bearcat 22 LR SN:79570, 21.Winchester Mod. 9410 410 SN:SG30521 w/ Box, 22.Marlin Mod. 81-DL 22 S,L,LR SN:Unknown, 23.Winchester Mod. 1892 32 WCF SN:616619, 24.Winchester Mod. 12 12ga SN:707710, 25.Winchester Mod. 12 16ga SN:1709671, 26.Winchester Mod. 1885 32 WCF SN:73949, 27.Winchester Mod. 770 30-06 SN:G941147 w/ Bushnell Banner II 3x-9x ScoCartridgepe, 28.Ted Williams Mod. 100 30-30 SN:V84585 w/ Scope Mount, 29.Winchester Mod. 12 12ga SN:1729743, 30.Winchester Mod. 1906 22 S,L,LR SN:357194B, 31.Marlin Mod. 93 38/55 cal Black Powder Loads SN:C4787, 32.Winchester Mod. 69A 22 S,L,LR SN:Unknown w/ Bushnell Scope Chief 4x, 33.Marlin Mod. 90 16ga O/U SN:L424, 34.Marlin Mod 94 25/20 cal SN:378005, 35.Marlin Mod. 783 22 WMR SN:12684737 w/ Simmons Scope, 36.A. Uberti Co. Black Powder Revolver 36 cal SN:116184, 37.CVA Made In Italy 38 cal Black Powder Revolver Converted SN: B16823, 38.H&R Premier 32 cal S&W SN:141763, 39.Heritage Rough Rider 22/22 MAG SN:1BH642180 w/ Box, 40.High Standard Mod. H-D Military 22 SN:272859, 41.Remington
Mod. 700 243 WIN SN: A6540441 w/ Tasco Golden Antler Scope, 42.Ruger All Weather 70/44 44 REM MAG SN:740-35213 w/ Box,  43.Mossberg Mod. 42M(b) 22 S,L, LR SN: Unknown Missing Bolt & Mag, 44.Thompson Center New Englander 50 cal SN:31106 w/ Box,  45.Japanese Arisaka Bolt Action 7.7x58mm SN:14041, 46.Marlin Mod.1893 30-30 cal SN:259441, 47.Mossberg Mod. 144LS 22 LR SN: Unknown w/ Tasco 4x32 Scope, 48.Remington Mod. 14 35 REM SN:75620, 49.Cimarrons 44 WCF SN:58545, 50.Chaparral Kings Improvement 45/70 cal SN: Unknown, 51.Winchester Mod. 94 30-30 Golden Spike Commemorative SN: GS48518, 52.Winchester Mod. 94 30-30 SN:3908464, 53.Winchester Mod. 12 16ga SN:914193, 54.Marlin Mod. 1895 45/70 SN: MR71222G w/ Box, 55.Henry 22 LR SN:04350P, 56.C. Sharps 4 Barrel Pepperbox 22 S SN:32942, 57.S&W Snub Nose 38 Special SN: J927343, 58.Navy Arms Mod. Pocket Navy 36 cal SN:57060, 59. Black Powder 44 cal Revolver Converted SN: Unknown, 60. Black Powder Revolver 31 cal Made In Italy SN: A43292, 61.Stevens Mod. 89 22 S, L, LR SN: C815578, 62.Marlin Ballards Pat. 1861 Falling Block Thought To Be 30 or 32 cal SN:34717, 63.Winchester Mod 1886 38/56 WCF SN:54344, 64.Winchester WCF 32 cal SN:188437, 65.Winchester Mod. 62A 22 S, L, LR SN:112032, 66.Remington Rolling Block Modelo Argentino 1879 EN Cal Unknown SN: Unknown, 67. Barrelled Rolling Block Action Gun Needs Completed, 68.Savage Mod. 110 30-06 SN: F727754 w/ Simmon Scope & Box, 69.Thompson Center Black Diamond 50 cal SN:61802, 70.Thompson Center Encore 24" 45-70 BARREL ONLY, 71.H&R Topper Mod. M48 16ga SS SN:J28937, 72. Winchester Mod. 94 30-30 SN:5014772, 73.Victor 12ga SxS SN:477896, 74.36 cal Black Powder
Revolver Made In Italy SN: A87862, 75.Replica Arms Co 44 cal Black Powder Revolver SN: A7359 Gun Safes:24 gun Stack On fireproof safe,

Stack-On 8 gun heavy heavy gage steel security cabinet.


AMMO: An extensive collection of 22 LR, 22 MAG, 32 Auto, 380 Auto, 45 ACP, 9mm, along with some assorted shotgun, rifle, and black powder loads.


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TERMS: 4% Buyers Premium Waived for Cash or Check with Positive ID. All announcements day of Auction take precedence over any previous advertising. 


Auction by Order of Cheryl Mallernee

Auction Conducted by: Cronebaugh Auction Service, Ltd.                                                        

Auctioneers: Steve Cronebaugh 330-243-6574, Bob Hall 330-440-5923 

Assisting Auctioneers: Bob Raber, Adam Weyandt, Charles Gotschall

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